The mission of Roswell Community Church is to Pursue Gospel Transformation
through Jesus Christ in People and Culture to the Glory of God

But what is Gospel Transformation? The Gospel is, in a word, Jesus. Jesus is the Gospel – that he is God, that he was foretold and that he came as Israel’s Messiah, that he accomplished all that must be done to remove the veil. The Gospel is who he is today, and who he will be forever. It is the kingdom that he is King over and that he inaugurated in his first incarnation – all of these are biblical understandings of the word Gospel – but they can all be boiled down to this one Man – Jesus. Therefore, Gospel Transformation is transformation that is accomplished through Jesus’ power. It is transformation of people into the likeness of Jesus. It is transformation motivated by Jesus, that smells like Jesus, that reflects Jesus, that points to Jesus, that glorifies Jesus. We believe that the way a person or a culture is transformed is when Jesus is the center and source of a person’s heart and life – when he is their greatest treasure. And the degree to which one loves Jesus is the degree to which a person changes. Gospel Transformation is transformation by crucifixion. It is entirely counter to effort based transformation. It is only possible when one is willing to die to themselves, to what they provide, to their strengths, to their goodness. And it is the only way to truly be transformed.
– from Matthew’s sermon “Living the Story: the Mission.” You can hear the most recent sermon on our Mission HERE.

Our Values: We are a Culture of…

  • Worship: Loving God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength.
  • Scripture: Delighting in, reflecting on, and submitting to the God-spoken truth in the biblical Story of Redemption.
  • Prayer: Expressing spoken desire for God above everything and dependence on God for everything
  • Relationship: Emphasizing relationships as the environment for life, growth, and ministry
  • Generosity: Responding to the Gospel by sacrificially pouring out our lives, gifts, and resources for others
  • Multiplication: Making and reproducing disciples locally and globally by developing people, growing leaders, and planting churches