Q. What is the general make-up and size of the church body?
A. Roswell Community Church is a multi-generational body, comprised of singles and families in all seasons of life. In other words, no matter what age you are, you won’t be alone at Roswell. On a typical Sunday we have around 200 adults worship with us around 100 kids in Roswell Kids.

Q. What is the dress like?
A. This is one of the biggest questions people have before coming to a new church. Most people dress casual to business casual. The BIG principle is we want you to come as you are! Wear what you’re comfortable in.

Q. What is the style of worship?
A. Even though our band is made up of many young, energetic musicians, you won’t have a rock band experience at Roswell. Our song selection is a 50/50 blend of contemporary and traditional. We sing new and original songs alongside songs that have been written over the last two thousand years of church history. We integrate liturgy and scripture readings on a consistent basis, but not every Sunday. Our focus is on creating a sacred space where you can connect to God through music, readings, prayer, and reflection. See our worship page for more information.

Q. What does Roswell Community offer for my kids?
A. On Sunday morning we have nursery and Sunday school for kids birth through 5th grade. Our youth ministry (grades 6-12) meets Wednesday evenings from 5:30-7:15 in Woodstock for dinner, Bible study, prayer and community. Check out our kids and youth ministry pages for more information.

Q. How do I get connected at Roswell?
A. We try to make it easy. We have several environments with the intended purpose of helping people get connected. Once a quarter we host Newcomers Events where people gather in a pastor’s home to eat pizza, hear the story of the church, and ask questions. There are also monthly events for men and women and annual retreats—the women’s retreat is in October and the men’s is in April. Four times a year there are community meals for the whole church after worship. The best way to get connected fast is by joining a community group. Community Groups come in different sizes. We have small groups of a few, traditionally sized groups 8-14 people, and larger family community groups of a dozen or more families. Our groups meet weekly in homes to either discuss the previous week’s sermon or to work through a curriculum of their choosing. We’re launching groups all the time as new people join the church but the big sign-up for groups happens each August.

The City is our online home where church life happens throughout the week. To join, all you need is a unique email address and to be 13 years or older. The City is our centralized location for sharing prayer requests, events, connecting with community groups and service teams, and generally keeping up with what’s happening in our community. Everyone who calls Roswell home is invited to join The City!

Q. Are you affiliated with a denomination?
A. We are a non-denominational church, which means that we hold no formal affiliation with a denomination. Our teaching is Gospel-grounded and seeks to lead people to a more intimate knowledge and enjoyment of Jesus that we discover throughout the whole Bible.

Q. What does Roswell Community Church believe?
A. We are an evangelical Christian community that holds to traditional tenets of the Christian faith. For more information, see our beliefs page.