Our Story So Far…

Roswell Community Church began in a home with a group of friends praying together. It was small and simple. In fact, the church was started not as a church at all, but as a prayer group, gathering weekly to be with each other and make some sense of the recent pain many of them had experienced in the church. Not exactly the dream start for a new church. But God loves surprises and what started as a small group of hurting people, became a growing group of eager people for a community that would love God and love each other. Before we knew it, the fire marshall was shutting down the church gatherings because it was too large for the home.

From 2004-2006 three pastors (Art Vander Veen, Matthew Browne, and Mike Baumgardner) came to the church to help lead and shepherd the growing body. We met in a few church buildings in the area during off-hours, before landing at the Cottage School where we met from 2006 to 2012 until we outgrew it.  In April 2012 we moved to Hembree Springs Elementary, our current location. In 2007 we added Mike Browne to the team, in 2010 Matt Miller became the Lead Pastor of the church, and in 2012 Cori Panyard became our Kids Director.

We’re still relatively young, and there are certainly much bigger churches out there, but Roswell Community has grown up a lot in the last few years. God has taken us on a strange and wonderful journey to form this church into the healthy, Gospel-centered, independent body that she is today.

And that’s our story, or at least so far. We believe we are just a small part of God’s larger story that he’s been telling for eternity past and will tell for eternity to come. He has invited us into His larger story to play a significant part in it. We hope you’ll find the story that God is unraveling at Roswell is one you’d like to join. We believe we’re still in the early chapters and we are excited to see how He will lead us into the plot He’s written for us.