Wherever God’s people gather, God shows up. In the book of Exodus, God dwelled in a tent that was moved from place to place! We meet in a school, Hembree Springs Elementary, in North Roswell. It’s a couple of blocks from Alpharetta Highway. It offers us plenty of parking, a large room for expanded worship, and a wealth of space for children and youth. There’s even a playground!

But there’s more to why we meet at Hembree Springs than the amenities. We want to love our city and one of the primary ways we can do this is through loving the schools. Tens of thousands of kids (and therefore families) are shaped every year by the schools in Roswell. Scores of teachers and administrators with large hearts and a desire to impact young minds are what hold all this potential chaos together and the product of their labor of love is the next generation of contributors to our city and beyond. And so when we get to love and support a local school, we get to participate in a very large and future-looking story. HSE has become more of a home than a meeting place for us. One of our pastors serves on a leadership board with the principal and other key leaders. We get to support the school in its mission to serve the families of our city, we know the people on the PTA, and we even get to bring the teachers breakfast the last week before holiday break. In other words, what started out as a convenient and affordable option for meeting has become a part of our mission. When you come to RCC, you become part of the body that prays for and serves this school. We aren’t looking to move anytime soon. There are simply too many opportunities to love this school for us to pass them up for our own space! And there’s the added benefit that it reminds us that Church isn’t a place—it’s a people, a body, and it shows up wherever the people of God show up.

Hembree Springs Elementary School
815 Hembree Road
Roswell, Georgia 30075

1007 Mansell Road, Suite A
Roswell, Georgia 30076