Growing Up With One Another

The poet and clergyman John Donne said it best:

No man is an island, entire of itself;
every man is a piece of the continent,
a part of the main.

All we know about man and God tells us that we were made for community. The triune God has fellowship with himself and created us to have fellowship with him. The church echoes this cosmic reality by living in community with one another. There are so many good reasons for us to gather together: encouragement (Hebrews 3.13), the bearing of one another’s burdens (Galatians 6.2), and a shared experience of worship and growth (Acts 2.42-47). If you can find a group of people who love you, accept you and are honest with you, you cannot help but be changed.

Community isn’t an optional part of the Christian life. The New Testament is written with the assumption that Christians are connected in meaningful, transformational communities that reflect and live out the Gospel. That’s why we strongly encourage (and even urge) everyone who calls RCC home to find just such a community. We were never meant to do this life alone and when we try to, we miss out on all the benefits of living in God’s new family as brothers and sisters, and we forsake our calling to function as necessary and life-giving members of Christ’s body.

At Roswell we make this experience available with community groups and these groups comes in all shapes and sizes. We have smaller groups of 3-4, more traditional sized groups of 6 couples or 8-12 people, or larger family community groups comprised of a dozen or more families and singles. Each group, in its own way, commits to doing life with one another. Many of our groups meet once a week in homes to discuss the past Sunday’s sermon or to work through a curriculum of their choosing. But the real life of community is more than curriculum. It happens in shared meals and shared struggles. Community isn’t about tacking something else onto an already busy schedule. Few of us have time for such a commitment. It’s about a different way of life. Community is about a commitment to one another that creates the sort of safe, honest, and loving environment where healing can take place, where the Gospel can set us free, and where Jesus is revealed through his people, to his people.

Living in community gives us the opportunity to put “skin” on the truths we hear on Sundays, and often bring a more relevant and personal understanding of what it means to love God and others.

If you’re interested in joining a community group at Roswell, please fill out the Community Group Application and we will be in touch.