Loving this Great City

At Roswell Community Church, we long to have an impact in our city that is redemptive, relational, strategic, and visual. We want to be the sort of place that if we were to close our doors overnight, there would be a felt loss among the people of Roswell because of the depth and the significance of our presence in our city. In an effort to reflect Jesus Christ and His Gospel in this way, we have set our focus on one street in Roswell that is afflicted with poverty. In 2011 we shifted from being guests on this street to being residents! We rent an apartment on this street out of which we run all of our ministries to the families who live there. We are relatively small and incapable of changing an entire city, but we could change it a street at a time by engaging the community there in physical, spiritual, relational, and emotional restoration and transformation.

During the school year we run an after school program for students and teach english to stay-at-home mothers.
During the summer you’ll find us in our unit every weekday feeding lunch to families and playing with the kids.

We would love to have you come serve with us!

Why do we do this? Because the best proof of God’s love in us and for us is that we love others (1 John 4:11). Good news without good deeds is incomplete. The good deeds are part of the gospel. Jesus spent an enormous amount of time restoring things—giving sight to blind people, cleansing lepers, straightening crooked limbs, even restoring a dead child to her parents. The gospel is not only that God came as Jesus and died and rose again. The gospel is that God is dedicated to restoring a lost and broken world through his love. Acts of compassion can open the heart of a city.

To get involved, email Mike Browne.