Not Every Man Really Lives

We believe that men were created in the image of God. (Women were too, but that’s a separate page.) As men created in the image of God, we have within us His strong, protecting, providing, loving and sacrificing heart. We have the image of the Lion of Judah coursing through us; the fingerprints of the LORD, our Warrior, all over us.

This is why for boys every stick becomes a sword or gun. This is why competitive sports are riveting and great adventures summon the best in us. And this is why we cry during war movies.

We believe that culture is wrong about masculinity. That it isn’t something to be ashamed of or to hide from, but rather true masculinity – the kind that rides into Jerusalem weeping and then clears the temple (Luke 19.41-46) – is a gift of God to our families, our businesses, our neighborhoods, and our churches.

As a church, we are just embarking on getting our guys connected in meaningful community. We hope you’ll come be a part of this new ministry at Roswell and discover more of how God intends to use YOU as a man to give life to those around you.

Connecting Opportunities for Roswell Men