What’s the City?


The City is a secure online ‘church building’ where the life of Roswell Community Church can take place 24/7. Its main goal is to assist us in creating and maintaining community with each other when we’re not face to face (which is most of the week.) Every person in our church is invited to participate in the City. It is the central hub for all of our communication from the leadership to the people, as well as the place where our communication with each other can take place, both at the macro level with the whole church and at the micro level within the confines of just our community group or service teams. Not only is it where we share prayer requests, group events, discussion topics, and needs, but it also provides places to share our stories and even our extra refrigerators (for example) with each other.

To be on the City, a user must meet these requirements:

  • Each user must have a unique email address. (Couples who currently share an email address may either create a joint user account or are encouraged to create a new email address for free here.)
  • Each user must be 13 years of age or older. (As an additional layer of security, all users under 18 will only be available to be contacted directly by those on the City who they have named as friends.)

Already a City User? Log in here.

Login To The City

To sign on for the City follow these steps:

  1. Click here to go to the online kiosk
  2. Enter your Name and email address
  3. The City will then send you an electronic invitation to your email account that will invite you into the City
  4. Create your profile, upload a picture, look for groups and service teams that you’re a part of! You’re in the City!
Sign Up For The City