One Body. Many Members.

After Jesus washed his disciples’ feet he said, “If I then, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another’s feet. For I have given you an example, that you also should do just as I have done to you.” This is what serving is–it’s following Jesus’ example for how to live our lives. There are all kinds of ways to participate in God’s story at Roswell Community and there’s bound to be one that suits the way God’s made you. There are no “small” roles; every person is needed. So, roll up your sleeves, jump into God’s mission, and follow the example of Jesus. We’ve been set free so that now we can serve one another in love!


Friday Set-Up Team

The Set-Up crew sets the stage and clears the cafeteria in preparation for the worship service. Some lifting required. Experience with sound/tech helpful but not required.

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Sunday Tear-Down Team

The Tear-Down Team resets the campus following the Sunday morning service. What does this mean? Stacking chairs, moving tables, taking down classroom signs and carrying curtains.

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Host Team

Create a welcoming atmosphere by laying out a spread of hot coffee/tea and fresh bagels to provide that morning boost! Of course, all expenses are reimbursed—we know bagels don’t grow on trees.

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Coffee Brewers

As a brewer, you’ll prepare the Sunday morning coffee at The Commons (5 minutes from the church) and then transport the brew-filled cambros to the church. Training provided.

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Greeter Team

If you love to meet new people or help a newcomer feel at home, this is a great spot for you. All you need is a smile, a welcoming spirit and the willingness to arrive 30 minutes early a couple Sundays a month.

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Connections Meal Team

As a church, we sit down together a few times a year to a family meal. Each time we do, there’s a team of people behind the scenes that coordinate the preparations, purchases and décor for the meal.

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Communion Team

You can be part of the team that prepares the elements for this significant and sacred act of worship as we remember the Gospel in the way Jesus told us to. Expenses will be reimbursed.

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Adult Worship Band

If you have a heart for drawing people into worship and have the musical talents and skills, we invite you to audition for Sunday morning worship band.

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Kids’ Worship Band

These musicians and vocalists bring the rhythm and sound to the Kids’ Worship experience as we develop in these young ones a heart of praise.

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Roswell Kids

Kids’ Group Leader

As Kids’ Group Leaders you will be investing in a group of 5-8 kids. Your role is to show up, to care and to share your life and the gospel with your entrusted few. You are the avenue through which we partner with families and empower kids to, over time, develop authentic faith.

Class Openings: Nursery, Toddlers 1, Toddlers 2, 3 Yr Olds, 4 Yr Olds, K-1st, 2nd-3rd, 4th-5thTime Commitment: Every 3rd week (17 weeks/yr); 2-3 hours for 1 year; 1-time 2 hr mandatory training; 1-2 additional 45-minute meetings/year

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Kids’ Group Leader Apprentice

As an Apprentice you’ll partner with the Kids\’ Group Leader to treasure and play with some of our youngest kiddos, living out the love of Christ as you tangibly model that you’re never too young to love and serve someone else. You’re needed, so jump in!

Class Openings: Toddlers 1, Toddlers 2, 3 Yr Olds, 4 Yr Olds, K-1st, 2nd-3rdTime Commitment:Every 3rd week (17 weeks/yr); 2-3 hours for 1 year; 1-time 2 hr mandatory training; 1-2 additional 45-minute meetings/year

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Tobey’s Friends

Tobey Freck, like his family, is a gift to our church. One way we care for Tobey and his parents is by providing one-on-one support for him. Come join this unique team and become one of Tobey’s friends this year.

Time Commitment: 1 week per month for 6 months during the worship service

Contact Cori or Jadie 

Middle & High School Students

Youth Coaches

If you’re energized by stepping into the lives and dynamics of Middle and High School students, you are needed! Coaches listen, care, mentor, and walk alongside during the ever-changing teen years…and in the process have life-long impact on their hearts.

Time Commitment: Wednesdays from 6-8:30pm; monthly youth coach meetings and a summer retreat

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Mercy Ministry Team

Do you have a skills and gifts that can be utilized as needs arise in our church or community? The Mercy Ministry team is looking for handymen, financial counselors, drivers, meal cooks, job coaches, and many more areas.

Time Commitment: As needs arise, we’ll contact you.

Contact Clark 

Global and Local Missions Prayer Team

Every Tuesday morning from 7-8 am at the Commons, a group is meeting to pray for our church as we pursue God in existing areas of mission and as we ask Him to lead us corporately and individually in future arenas of service and impact. Join us as often as you can as we expand and re-center our hearts with God’s heart for our neighbors and world.

Time Commitment: Come as often as you can,

Tuesday mornings 7-8 am at the Commons

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Lowe Lane Block Party Leaders

This fall, we are planning a final celebration on Lowe Lane, coming together with the families of the neighborhood in one last block party that reflects once again the love of God and marks the end of a season where Christ met individuals and families in unique and meaningful ways. There are several ways in which you can serve!

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Mission Research and Awareness Team

As we continue to seek God’s heart for the world and our place in it, we are looking for people who are interested in developing a clearer picture of what organizations and ministries are already loving and serving people e ectively in Roswell and around the world. If you are interested in being a part of this new team as we explore resources together and connect areas of personal mission to existing environments, contact Mike!

Time Commitment: One 2-hour meeting every two months

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2017 Mission Trips 

We have several opportunities this year to travel to Hungary and partner in supporting our sister church outside Budapest. Our primary role is to teach English and lead various sports, but don’t think you need to be a professional athlete or have a teaching degree to come! A willingness to serve and a heart that’s open to some wonderful people is all it takes to have a significant impact for the Gospel in Hungary.

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