There is no simple answer for this but here is how we see it. Overall, the Church is everyone who believes in Jesus. Once someone comes to faith in him, they are given the Church as part of their new life, their new family. Roswell Community Church is one local manifestation of God’s global Church.

  • The Church is the people of God—the called out ones—who, beginning with Abraham, were chosen by the Creator from among the nations to be his covenant people.
  • The Church is the Bride of Christ, his treasured possession whom he purchased from death and slavery to make his own.
  • The Church is a community of saints, who reflect the divine image of Trinitarian life by relating to one another in deference to the needs and desires of the other.
  • The Church is the light of the World, a city on a hill that is meant to live in such a way so that all who see it are drawn towards the God who has called people out of darkness and into his marvelous light.
  • The Church is the Good News-Givers of the world, who declare with their works and with their words the Gospel of what Jesus has accomplished for the whole creation.
  • The Church is the Body of Christ, which works together to heal and build-up one another into becoming reflections of Christ on the earth.
  • The Church is those who submit themselves to the Word of God, the Holy Scriptures, which reveal the love of God and his purposes in the world.
  • The Church is heaven’s citizenry, who live in the midst of a broken world but see it as their calling and privilege to bring the culture and heart of their home country—God’s kingdom—into the kingdom of this world.
  • The Church is a people who live sacramental lives—declaring the new birth in baptism and receiving, remembering, and rejoicing in Christ’s work on the cross through communion.

The Church is all of these things and more. At Roswell we embrace, with a healthy dose of humility, all of these wonderful and transcendent truths and we see ourselves as a small part of a much larger and ancient story. This is why if you come to RCC you’ll hear words and witness practices that anchor us in the many centuries of our rich history. For us, Church isn’t a building, a program, or even an institution. It is a people who have been made alive through Jesus, who gather together around word and sacrament to worship God and, through the Spirit, bear one another’s burdens. We hope you will come and experience the Church at Roswell Community.