All of life comes down to just one thing.

Worship is a word that means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Most people here in the Bible Belt tend to think of pews, antiquated songs, and ladies with piercing vibrato drowning out all the “normal” singers in the room. That can be worship, but just because it’s called “worship” doesn’t mean it is. And that’s not what the Bible defines as worship. In fact, worship is way more than music. It’s everything! Worship is the elevation of something over and above me…or you. When I organize my life, behavior, and thoughts around serving or pleasing someone or something, I’m worshiping them. When I use my words to praise or declare the excellency of someone or something, I’m worshipping – even if I don’t sing it. So we can actually worship any number of things: a lifestyle, our kids, a career, a spouse, an object, a political ideology etc. But most of us… we worship ourselves. We give our time, money, energy, and emotions to ensuring that we appear competent, or beautiful, or likeable, or important, or… .

When God saves us through Jesus, we enter a whole new world of worship. Suddenly, we are invited to build our life around The One who is worthy of that elevated place. We are called to find our pleasure in praising the One True God. And the great news is that we were actually made for this. This is why God planted a Garden a long time ago and made the first couple: to worship Him! Now, through Jesus, things are getting put back the way they were always meant to be – with God in the center of our lives and hearts.

So at Roswell, we worship God all week. We worship him by engaging in good work with people, by loving our families and community sacrifically, by finding quiet places for our hearts to savor our Savior, by caring for God’s creation and stewarding the things He’s given to us. And the list goes on. All of life is an invitation to worship God. 1 Corinthians 10.31 says even eating and drinking are doorways to glorifying God. How great is that! The way we enjoy good food or good coffee can worship God!

Then on Sunday, we gather as a community to worship God in the way His children have since the beginning: with songs and prayers and extended times of hearing His words spoken to us. Sunday is a day where we celebrate, revere, and contemplate the Glory and the Gospel of God. We hope you’ll come and join us. We hope you’ll discover that all of life of worship and that all true and lasting joy is found when we build our life around the only One worthy of being the center.

Bless the LORD, oh my soul
And all that is within me
Bless His holy Name…

Psalm 103.1 (ESV)