Hello Newcomers!

We’re so glad you’re here!


We know how difficult it can be to find a church that feels like a good fit and even once you do, it’s not easy being new.

So We want to help you feel welcome and connected.


At Roswell Community Church, we desire to live for God’s glory, for each other, and for the sake of our neighbors.

If you’ve never been on a Sunday, we invite you to come and experience the good news of what God has done for us—the Gospel, both intellectually and relationally at our Sunday worship services. While you’re with us, we hope that you will experience the peace, healing, and joy that grows in a community of people who love Jesus.

We believe church should be a place where you feel you belong, you can be yourself and you share in the love of God in community. Our desire is that everyone would feel welcome to come as they are, not as they think they need to be in order to fit in. Which means that whether you’ve been following Christ for a long time or you have tangible faith questions, you can belong here. We look forward to meeting you!



 Community at roswell:

our core purpose is transformation – people being transformed into reflections of Jesus, and culture being transformed into the kingdom of Jesus.

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– Getting Connected –

Time and Location

We meet in a school.
With purpose.


Wherever God’s people gather, God shows up.

 We meet in a school, Hembree Springs Elementary School, in Roswell. It’s a couple of blocks from Alpharetta Highway. It offers us plenty of parking, a large room for expanded worship, and a wealth of space for children and youth. There’s even a playground!



Sunday Service
@ 10AM

Hembree Springs Elementary School
815 Hembree Rd
Roswell, GA 30076

Church Office
1007 Mansell Road, Suite A
Roswell, GA 30076

Beyond the practical amenities available onsite, meeting in a school gives us a chance to intentionally love the city. We see our location as part of God’s mission for our church, and when you come to Roswell Community Church, you become a part of the body that prays for and serves this school. By loving the school that serves hundreds of this city's families each year, we hope to shine the light of Christ into our community.


Church isn’t a place — it’s a people, a body, and it shows up wherever the people of God show up.


What to Expect

What is the general make-up and size of the church body? [+]

Roswell Community is a multi-generational body, comprised of singles and families. In other words, no matter what season of life you’re in, you won’t be alone at Roswell.

On a typical Sunday we have around 200 adults who worship with us and around 100 kids in Roswell Kids.




Roswell Community is a non-denominational church, which means that we hold no formal affiliation with a denomination. Our teaching is Gospel-centered and seeks to lead people to a more intimate knowledge of and delight in Jesus that we discover throughout the whole Bible. We are affiliated with the Gospel Coalition and joyfully connected to various churches in and around the city.




Even though our band is made up of many young, energetic musicians, you won’t have a rock band experience at Roswell. Our song selection is a blend of contemporary and traditional. We sing new and original songs alongside songs that have been written over the last centuries of church history. We integrate liturgy and scripture readings on a consistent basis. Our focus is on creating a sacred space where you can connect to God through music, readings, prayer, and reflection. Check out our worship page for more information.



How do I get connected at Roswell? [+]

We try to make it easy as possible. We have several environments with the intended purpose of helping people get connected and belong.  Your first step is to attend a Newcomer Event we host approximately once a quarter where those new to Roswell gather to eat pizza, hear the story of the church, and ask questions.  Additionally, we facilitate Discovery Bible Groups, or DBGs, which are a great way to get involved quickly through the year, as well as Equipping Courses and annual retreats — the women’s retreat taking place in October and the men’s in April.  But the best way to get meaningfully connected is by joining a community group. Our Groups are different sizes and stages of life and generally meet weekly in homes to either discuss the previous week’s sermon or to work through a curriculum of their choosing. We’re launching groups regularly as new people join the church, but the main sign-up happens each August.  The City is our online home where church life happens throughout the week, serving as a centralized location for sharing prayer requests, events, and generally keeping up with what’s happening in our community.  To join, all you need is a unique email address. Everyone who calls Roswell home is invited!




On Sunday mornings, we offer an exceptional kids ministry for children birth through 5th grade. Our student ministry (grades 6–12) meets Wednesday evenings from 6 to 8 p.m. at the church offices, otherwise known as The Commons in Roswell for Bible study, worship, community and of a lot of fun! Check out our kids and youth ministry pages for more information.



What is the dress like? [+]

Good news: we don't have a dress code!  We want you to be comfortable, whatever that means to you. Dress is generally casual; we want you to come as you are!



Like what you hear?

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