God Moves Mountains

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I am not the person I was before God brought Nepal into my life.

Before these trips to the other side of the world, I didn’t know there was a village in the Himalayan mountains where girls have less value than livestock. Where every single one of them is sold into prostitution by age 13 because their families are that impoverished.

I didn’t know it was possible to see the obvious movement of God in a remote and seemingly forgotten place.

I didn’t know I’d look into the faces of the most vulnerable, beautiful and highly exploited girls in the world and feel God’s aching love for them.

I didn’t know that after these trips I’d come home and fall on my face before God, repeating the truth that His ways and thoughts are infinitely higher than my own. That His plans are bigger than I could ever grasp. That I am humbled to play even the smallest role in His redemption of this place.  

I first went to Nepal with She is Safe in November 2016. I was not someone who had any business undertaking something like this, but God called and He was faithful. When I returned in January 2018, His work was tangible, both in this community and in me.

During this second trip, we talked with a young man from the area who plans to have a career teaching the village children. He’d gone away to get a master’s degree and returned. He spoke very passionately about wanting to empower his students to learn; to not just read poetry, but to write their own. “The only way this place will change,” he said, “is if people love this community enough to come back and bring the change.”

Love brings change. It is light in the darkness, it is hope in the midst of despair. The goat program has been an avenue for God’s love to reach these people, and the change is evident in their faces, their welcoming spirits, their curious and friendly children. It is evident in families’ rise out of poverty, both material and spiritual. It is evident in their teenage girls, safe in their homes, equipped with other options for income.

I couldn’t witness these things, this abundant love of God, and not be changed myself. God has reminded me repeatedly through these experiences that my plans, comfort and desires are not the culmination of His story for me; that nothing I could script will ever compare to what He has written. Letting go of my own expectations is a never-ending process and a source of pain, frustration and humility. These trips have not been easy. There are plenty of fears, challenges and humbling moments. I think the same can be said of life in general. There is a cost when we respond to the call of “Follow Me” …but it does not compare to the reward of God’s life-giving transformation and faithfulness along the journey.

“In Him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind.” (John 1:4) 

 - Leslie Dunn