Identity - Week 3

(from Leslie Dunn)

Hi Parents,

I am excited to be back with the youth group this week as a guest teacher continuing the True Identity series from Psalm 139. This week we are studying verses 7-12 and applying the truth of "Always With God" to our identity as Christians. We will discuss how Jesus' identity as Immanuel (God with Us) also plays into our identity; how God loved us enough to come to earth and literally be "God With Us," rather than some remote, disinterested entity. We will also talk about how loneliness can impact how we view ourselves and God, and how difficult circumstances or tragedies in the world can make us question if God is really present.

Here are some questions we will be going over with the students if you would like to continue the discussion at home: 

-When is a time you have felt the presence of God?

-When have you questioned if he was real/still with you? 

-Do you often feel alone? What circumstances make you feel that way? 

-Is it easy or hard to believe that God is always with you? Why? 

-How does it make you feel that God is not only with you, but that his "right hand is holding you fast"? 

-How does it make you feel to know God "empathizes with our weaknesses?"

-How might your life look different if you truly believed there is a loving God who will never leave you or forsake you?