This week we are picking up where we left off in our Gospel-Centered Life series. Since the beginning of the school year we have used these discussions to talk about what it looks like to put the truth of the gospel - the holy life, saving death, and glorious resurrection of Jesus Christ - at the very center of our lives. What would our daily life look like if we lived out of that identity, that power, and that truth as the central force in us?

This 8th session will invite us to consider the idea of being “on mission” as it relates to the gospel of Jesus. What does “mission” mean to a Christian? Why should we be on mission, and what does that look like?

I am excited to be wrapping up our school year in this series, as I’ve found it to be very applicable and nourishing (even in my “old age!”) in taking a moment and seeing how the gospel impacts how I live my life. In the midst of school year’s coming to a close, finals, projects, etc. I pray that you and your students make the time to join us on Wednesdays - it is worth it!

-Read Galatians 5:13-15 — What are some things that keep us from serving one another as this passage instructs?

-How many of you feel like the Christian life – especially mission – is more like something we are supposed to do than something we get to do? Why do you think it feels that way sometimes?

-How do you want to “live out” your faith more? If not, why not?

-What does it mean to “invite others in” to your life, to see the gospel?

-What are some practical ways you can invite others in?


  1. What opportunities do you have to help or care for someone, in which you are not motivated to do what you “should”?

  2. What heart issues hinder you from doing these things?

    -As you reflect on the root of your inactions, what is God showing you about yourself? Be as specific and thorough as you can about the things that keep you from expressing gospel-centered love toward others (examples might include fear of rejection, insecurity, lack of love, selfishness with time, feelings of inadequacy)

  3. What sin do you see in yourself that you need to repent of? How will you move toward those people noted above?

  4. What specific gospel promises or truths about God are you not really believing? In what specific ways can you trust God to help or change you as you reach out to others?