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This week we are kicking off a new, 3-week series called "Risen King." As we enter the final weeks of Lent with Palm Sunday this weekend, we'll be discussing key elements to the identity of Jesus in the context of the Easter story - that he is God's promised King (Messiah), he is our atoning sacrifice (studying the crucifixion of Jesus), and he is our risen hope both now and in the life to come (through his resurrection - Praise be to God!).

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Identity - Week 5

We are finishing up our Identity (Psalm 139) series this week! I'm hopeful that we can end on an encouraging and thoughtful note with our students as we invite them to consider how they're growing (or have grown) as part of being transformed by God in us. This week's lesson is based on verses 23-24 of Psalm 139, focusing on the truth that our identity in Christ means that God knows the inner workings of our hearts and is leading us, transforming us more and more into the image of Jesus.

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