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Community Groups

The poet and clergyman John Donne said it best:

No man is an island, entire of itself;
every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.

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We were made for community. 


We were made for community by a triune God who lives in perfect, mutually delighting community. As a church we reflect this divine unity by living in intentional community with one another. There are many Biblical reasons for us to gather together: encouragement (Hebrews 3.13), the bearing of one another’s burdens (Galatians 6.2), and a shared experience of worship and growth (Acts 2.42-47). We were never meant to do this life alone and when we try to, we forsake our calling to function as essential and life-giving members of Christ’s body.

At Roswell we engage this calling through community groups. We believe that our primary purpose in community is to stir up the life of Christ in each other through the Holy Spirit in order to grow in holiness of character, love for one another and mission to neighbor.

 Our community groups serve as safe places where we can point one another to Jesus through loving, Christ-centered relationships, prayer and accountability. These groups also provide support and encouragement during difficult times and help in discerning and encouraging personal mission. These groups are intended to be alive and honest; the kind of transformational communities that reflect and live out the Gospel together.


interested in joining a community group at Roswell?

Roswell Kids
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Nothing is more important to us than providing a safe, clean, age-appropriate environment for your children. In every classroom, your children will receive the utmost in love and quality care. We thoroughly screen and run background checks on all nursery workers, allowing you to worship with complete peace of mind.  Stop by the Check-In Stations on your way into church. Our staff will help you sign your children in, and they'll be happy to walk you to the right classroom.  Then rest easy as you worship ... your children are in good hands!


“The kingdom of God belongs to the childlike.”

— Jesus

Those words from Jesus capture a pretty radical idea. This is especially true when you consider that he said them at a time in history when nothing—literally nothing—belonged to children. They were mostly seen as something to endure until they could become productive, functioning members of a society. Jesus saw it the other way around. Children have a lot to teach us about what it means to live in the kingdom of God. And to drive the point home, Jesus said that he receives the kindness shown to a child personally as though it were kindness directed towards him!

This is one of the main reasons we take kids so seriously at Roswell. And there are A LOT of kids to take seriously at our church! Which is why we enlist and train teams of adult teachers who we call Kid Group Leaders. Each adult that volunteers to serve in Roswell Kids is given a small group of 6-8 kids who they love and shepherd for a year.

The curricula we choose leads our kids to see that life as a Christian is not primarily about learning to follow rules. It’s about learning to be in a love relationship with the Triune God who revealed himself in Jesus. The Bible is not a book of heroes, but is about One Hero: Jesus. By partnering with parents, we train kids to learn to read and know their Bibles in order to know and love the God of the Bible, and to develop a prayer relationship with him. From infants through fifth grade, we seek to guide children who will grow up into a faith that becomes their own.

The most significant things happening on a Sunday morning are taking place in classrooms, in the hearts of these little ones who show us what childlike faith in the kingdom is all about.


Contact our Kids Director, Cori Panyard or our Kid's Coordinator,  Jadie Burton.

Roswell Students

Preparing for a lifetime commitment to Christ.

Welcome to the thrilling rollercoaster of the teenage years!  No other season is so full of potential —and challenges — than these crucial years from twelve and nineteen.

The youth group is a thriving community that serves together, prays together, plays together and helps each other navigate the road of adolescence as disciples of Jesus. This group of 6th through 12th graders and their adult coaches provides a space where students can ask honest questions that weigh on their hearts, let down their guard and have fun being the people God made them to be. Throughout the year, the group meets every Wednesday night at the Commons to worship together and grow closer in their relationship to God and each other.


In this season where students are looking to establish their identity, the youth group helps point their longings to the Gospel, giving them more than just what they need to survive the teenage years; it provides a foundation to grow into radically free, generous and loving followers of Jesus.

Roswell Students is a great place to bring an open heart and a searching spirit, even a searching friend. We meet every Wednesday night during the school year from 6-8:30pm for Bible study, worship, community and of a lot of fun! We also come together for service projects and other activities throughout the year. We hope you’ll join us!


Contact Michael Panyard for detailed information about Roswell Students.


Prepare, challenge and inspire

We believe that men and women were created in the image of God to display His glory.  That's why we strive to prepare, challenge and inspire women and men to a life of Christian discipleship. It is our desire and mission that every adult become a full and fulfilled disciple of Jesus Christ, and that each person will have a passion for Christian service, whether it is across the street or around the globe.

We invite you to explore every avenue available to our men and women: Discovery Bible Groups, Community Groups, Equipping Courses, Retreats and many service opportunities.  

You will find that those resources will help bring spiritual depth to your life and greater effectiveness to your relationships with others. If you have a question or a suggestion for how you can get involved, please contact Mike Browne

As a church, we are continually creating a sense of family, enabling you to build relationships, giving everyone a place to fit-in and take part. We joyfully invite you to join us in community to discover how God can use YOU to affect others in love as we purse gospel transformation together. 


– Connecting Opportunities for roswell ADults –

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