As we introduced last week, our first teaching series for 2019-2020 will be on the Spiritual Disciplines (Pursuing Closeness with God). Our goal is to introduce or remind students of these beneficial, good habits of spiritual focus, re-centering, study, and service. Each week we'll discuss what God's word says about these various disciplines, why they are important, and give students some practical steps or methods in which they can try these on their own. Tonight we are kicking off with a couple of disciplines rooted in the Bible: reading, studying and meditating on God's word.

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Tonight we continue in our Gospel-Centered Life series by talking about forgiveness. 
It is no shock that we live in an unforgiving world. There is a lot of tolerance for variety, but when it comes to truly forgiving another for deep hurt, wrongs done, offense taken, or relationships damaged - pursuing reconciliation is rarely prescribed by our culture at large. But what if we lived our lives rooted in the miraculous and generous forgiveness that is given to us in Christ Jesus? What if we sought forgiveness from others when we humbly realize we have wronged somebody else? What if we were able to speak truth in love when wronged and then truly release somebody of their debt - because we have been forgiven an even greater debt by God for our sin that Jesus paid for on the cross?

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This week we are picking up where we left off in our Gospel-Centered Life series. Since the beginning of the school year we have used these discussions to talk about what it looks like to put the truth of the gospel - the holy life, saving death, and glorious resurrection of Jesus Christ - at the very center of our lives. What would our daily life look like if we lived out of that identity, that power, and that truth as the central force in us? This 8th session will invite us to consider the idea of being “on mission” as it relates to the gospel of Jesus. What does “mission” mean to a Christian? Why should we be on mission, and what does that look like?

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